Idea 3/3 selected by the Microtech Booster (4th loop): New Detection Technology for Airport Closed Luggage Inspection

Baggage inspection at the airport can be dangerous and time-consuming. The state of the art – currently under assessment – is to use fully automated alarm resolution based on barrier analysis technology to detect explosives and other illicit compounds, such as drugs. The X-ray equipment used comprises a detector, which is particularly expensive and whose detection surface […]

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Idea 2/3 selected by the Microtech Booster (4th loop): New sensing technology of delamination in composite aircraft parts

For the detection and characterization of delaminations, a non-destructive testing system for composite (CFRP) aircraft structures can use X-rays. However, this technique is slow and expensive. It is therefore only associated with the use of other means – for example ultrasound and infrared – that it can prove to be effective. The basic project idea consists of […]

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Idea 1/3 selected by the Microtech Booster (4th loop): Solid state flash LiDAR for mid-range 3D detection

One of the goals of IRIS is to develop long-range LiDARs for autonomous vehicles. The core and disruptive technology of the company is the conception of germanium-tin (GeSn) single photon avalanche diodes (SPADs) for short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) sensing. The advantages of the GeSn lie in its high quantum efficiency at wavelengths between 1.5 and 1.6 […]

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New Ideas selected by the Microtech Booster (4th loop)

This is another success! Among seven selected ideas, three come from IRIS. The first concerns a flash LiDAR system operating in the SWIR, the second, a new technology for the detection of delaminations in composite aircraft parts and the third, the inspection of closed luggage for the airport. These feasibility studies will be executed in […]

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