Baggage inspection at the airport can be dangerous and time-consuming. The state of the art – currently under assessment – is to use fully automated alarm resolution based on barrier analysis technology to detect explosives and other illicit compounds, such as drugs. The X-ray equipment used comprises a detector, which is particularly expensive and whose detection surface remains small. Our idea is to implement in this X-ray system a new perovskite-based detector with direct conversion mode to improve the detection surface and make the system much cheaper.

The ultimate goal of this project is to allow for rapid and efficient closed luggage inspection by using a new perovskite-based sensor in the X-ray back-scattering equipment available from our partners. In particular, the energy resolution of the new detector should make it possible to reliably identify prohibited materials. The potential use of focal-plane arrays will be assessed. In case of success, the use of these new X-ray detectors will enable the diffusion of closed luggage inspection by the Echo method and facilitate the transit of passengers.

The feasibility study that we will carry out consists in various tests to verify the potential contribution of a new type of perovskite-based sensor for X-ray inspection of closed luggage, especially in terms of energy resolution. Alongside the contribution of existing partners already named, we hope to be able to count on the support and contribution of service companies and suppliers of equipment active in the field of airport security.