This new project selected by the Microtech Booster ( is focused on sensitivity tests of an innovative, low cost SWIR photodetector for gas sensing applications. The feasibility study will be performed with the contribution of high-class entities such as AXETRIS (spectrometry), VERTILAS (laser) and EPFL (photodetector).

A broadband light source, a multipath gas chamber with high reflective extremities, optical filters, IRIS 4×1(x4 SPADs) pixel photodetector and electronics for signal processing will be assembled. As the ratio of transmitted energy to the incident energy reaching the detector is dependent on target gas concentration, this set-up will detect the decrease in transmitted SWIR light which is in proportion of the gas concentration. To ensure measurement accuracy, a dual wavelength sensing configuration for comparison will be used with a reference value. Tests will be performed for methane, ammonia and acetylene.